Treatment plans for electrolysis will vary greatly from person to person.  Everyones hair growth pattern differs since everyone has a different density and courseness of hair growth.  Some have lots of finer hair packed into a small  area and others have less thicker hair, but more spaced out.  It is impossible to state exactly the number of treatments it will take to remove a hair permanently as this is also dependant on the phase at which each follicle is in when being treated.  One essential factor is to have regular, frequent treatments in the beginning so as to catch any regrowth in its active, growing phase.


On average you should expect to have regular appointments over the treatment period which can be anything from a year to eighteen months. Depending on amount of unwanted hair it may be necessary to have just 15 minute sessions and for larger areas up to 1 hour and 2hour sessions. For example:

 * If the area to be treated is small and can be totally cleared in the first session, all growth visible,  it will  be advisable to make monthly appointments to treat any regrowth.  Depending on initial strength of growth the sessions will gradually spread out to 6 - 8 weekly sessions.  Therefore total number of treatments in first year may be 6 - 10 sessions with 3 -6 sessions spreas over the following year.


* For heavier areas of growth you may chose to concerntrate on a specific area, clear that whilst cutting or shaving the untreated growth.  As the initial treatment area hair growth diminishes treatment will then extend to other areas.


*  A client may want to clear a large dense area of growth quickly so longer sessions in quick succession would be necessary to clear the growth and then as regrowth slows the frequency of sessions and time will decrease.




The benefits of shorter treament sessions and working a smaller area can help spread the cost, but it may take slightly longer overall to complete the treatment but excellent results will still be achieved.  The main thing is there is not too long between sessions to avoid the new growth moving into its dormant stage of growth - best to remove a hair with electrolysis when in its active growing stage.


The treatment plan will take into account a clients life style, available time and affordability.  Electrolysis is a commitment and investment of ones time but visible benefits will become apparent fairly quickly due to the weaker, finer re-growth.

Even for the smaller areas it can take months as each hair may take several treatments and you have to wait for the regrowth  of new hair whose growth cycle can be anything from 4 weeks for stronger hairs up to 10 weeks for very fine hairs.


Please do contact me with any further questions and to discuss a suitable treatment plan.

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