Permanent Hair Removal For Transsexuals

Unwanted hair can be extremely distressing and embarrassing subject for anyone, but for a transsexual it is also a very difficult and sensative subject to deal with. However, it is necessary for the TG client to find an appropriate method of permanent hair removal. Fortunately density and thickness of this hair growth can be significantly reduced by the hormone therapy that TG clients will undertake prior to surgery, but there will still be a need for removal of hair from certain areas of the body and face where hair remains.


Transgender clients that are not aware of electrolysis often choose IPL or Laser hair removal with its prospects of quick, progressive permanent results, and for a few acceptable results can be achieved depending on hair and skin colour.  However for the majority there will remain a hair grown that can only be treated with electrolysis.  Unfortunaltely many TG clients can waste large sums of money and time before realising the necesity for electrolysis.


One of the advantages of electrolysis is that in certain areas of the face where you want some softer downier hair to remain you can partially treat an area to produce a more natural look.


One delecate area a pre-operative TG client will need to consider is permanent hair removal from the genitals. This needs to be done in plenty of time before surgery to ensure that surgery is not delayed, preferably a minimum of 12/18 months prior to op.  Whilst hair removal is not a prerequisite to surgery, it can not be performed post-operatively from the vaginal cavity.  Many TG clients have not been truly happy with the end result where pre-operative permanent genital hair removal was not performed. 


Elctrolysis can be a lengthy process and takes dedication and commitment but with appropriate consultations and an individual treatment plan treatment can be tailored to suit individuals needs to ensure goals of the TG client are achieved.




If you have any questions regarding electrolysis or a prospective treatment plan please feel free to contact me by phone or email (  Please refere to the Frequently Asked Questions which may answer some of the queries you may have.


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