Advanced Electrolysis

This is a fast, effective and affordable treatment for the removal of skin blemishes.


Many people suffer from minor skin blemishes believing that removal would mean incurring high dermatologist costs, pain and the risk of scarring. Blemishes such as warts, moles, skin tags, red veins, milia and other imperfections can be removed quickly and cost effeectively by "Advanced Electrolysis" also known as "Advanced Cosmetic Procedures";  no anaesthetic required, bumps and blemishs can be removed safely and permanently, often with life changing results.


Advanced Elctrolysis is carried out by applying a small current down a sterile, disposable needle onto the blemish. Red veins and skin tags disapear imediately while moles and warts tend to leave a small black scab which falls off after a few days.  Many skin tags can be found in areas of friction such as around the neck and under areas where clothing presses such as bra straps causing irritation or discomfort.


As with all electolysis treatments individual consultations are key to success and a full understanding of the After Care especially when it comes to the Advanced Treatments. At times it may be necessary to seek a Doctor's referral prior to an Advanced treatment depending on the type of blemish but again this will be discussed during the initial consultation.


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Please note there is a cancellation policy of 24 Hours.  A client will be liable for the cost of unattanded appointment if 24 hours notice has not been given.  Sundays are not a counted as a working day.