Electrolysis for Men

Still the only PERMANENT method of hair removal


Unwanted hair is becoming an increasing concern for men and the prospect of not having to shave, clip, tweeze or wax certain body parts is very enticing.  For men who are looking for permanent and complete hair removal on any part of the body regardless of skin tone and hair colour, there is only one method that is approved by the British Medical Association and that is Electrolysis.


For men the most common area of concern tends to be around the beard, especially over the cheek bone area where odd sparse hairs can grow.  The other problem area men have is concerning the neck where ingrowing hairs can be a problem.  If you are prone to getting ingrowing hairs then electrolysis can be a great solution. Other areas where men often seek permanent hair removal are top of nose between eyebrows, nostrils, inner ear, chest, back and upper arms.  There is no area or body part that can not be treated. 


Electrolysis is carried out by inserting a small, sterile, disposable probe into the opening of the hair follicle, the skin is not pierced and does not scar.  A heat source is passed down this probe that seals off the root of the follicle destroying the hair base and blood supply.  During the course of treatment there is a gradual decrease in the growth of the hair until it is permanently removed.  The number of treatments necessary is dependant on the strength of hair and will differ from person to person; this will be covered during the free pre-treatment consultation during which a full Treatment Plan will be discussed.



For the more sensative areas there is an anesthetic cream which can be applied over area prior to treatment called EMLA CREAM.  



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