Permanent Hair Removal for women

Women go through many hormone changes through out their lives and this can have a direct effect on how your hair grows.  Pubity, pregnacy, menopause and even increased stress can effect hormone levels in the body which inturn can cause changes in hair grown especially areas such as chin and upper lip.  This is an area that if hair is pulled out by any other method, eg waxing, plucking, threading, the hair can be stimulated to grow thicker and darker. 


For some women the unwanted hair growth can be a very fine downy fluff type hair that can become quite long in length, commonly found with the very fair skined, fair haired or ladies with more more red hair colouring.  The other delemma is when some of the unwanted facial hair becomes white and course, as all the forementioned types of hair grown will not respond as successfully with other progressive forms of hair removal such as IPL.  For these ladies Electrolysis is the only option.


Many women do not know where to turn when looking for advise on excessive hair growth, it can be very embarrasing and difficult.  For some it is not just the standard hormone changes that everyone goes through in life that can cause changes in hair growth.  Some medical conditions can have a major effect on facial and body hair such as Pollycystic Ovaries and Crones disease.  Some women may not even know they have a medical condition as they have been too embarrassed to talk to a doctor and it is only by seeking advise from their electrolygist do they then learn of these conditions.  It is always vital to seek medical advise when a medical condition is suspected but in most cases the treatment of electrolysis can continue.


During the treatment process the hair grown will gradually become finer and take longer to regrow until it stops alltogether.  How quickly the hair responds to electrolysis is very individual and dependant on the type of hair, thickness and density and what treatments that have been carried out in the area prior to the electrolysis.  This will be discussed at the initial free consultation where a treatment plan to suit the individual can be worked out.  Please see Treatment Plan section for more information.  For the more sensative areas a skin anesthetic can be applied prior to treatment called EMLA CREAM.  This can be aquired froma GP on prescription or bought from th pharmasy counter but may need to pre-order as not all chemists keep it in stock.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email (  Do take a look at the frequently asked questons section where some of your queries may be answered.




Please enquire about other treatments available as it is even more important to make sure your skin is in optimum health especially when having electrolysis.

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