There is not much preparation to consider prior to treatment except to ensure there is some hair growth long enough to see to remove. Ideally there should be approximately 2-4mm of visible hair in area to be treated. 


Shaving and Cutting Hairs:

If you have been shaving or cutting then leave the hairs to grow for 2-3 days before an electroysis treatment. You ideally need 2-4mm of growth so each hair can be just visible.  Any form of pulling out th hair from its follicle during a course of treatment has to stop as this is detrimental to the process of electrolysis.

During a course of electrolysis shaving or cutting can continue to enable client to live with growth inbetween sessions.  How inbetween growth is best managed will be discussed during the initial consultation process.


Hair Removal-Depilitory Cream

The use of hair removal creams can continue before treatment and whilst having a course of elctrolysis but it is recommended that there is a gap of approx 2 weeks from the last application of depilitory cream prior to treatment to give skin surface to recover from effects of cream.


Waxing and Tweezing

Once you have decided to commence with electrolysis you must stop waxing or tweezing the hair in the area to be treated.  Any hair that has been previously pulled out by any method can take weeks to grow back so there may be an unrealisatic view of exact number of hairs witin the area. Pulling out hairs can stimulate the root base of follicle and hence prolong treatment process. 


Bleaching Hair

It is fine to continue bleaching hair growth whilst having electrolysis and can really help the client cope with any dark regrowth between treatments.  If there is a mixture of fine dark hairs amongst a naturally fair growth you maybe advised not to bleach a few days prior to having electrolysis as this can make distinguishing between a fine bleached hair and the hairs are naturally fair.  You will be requested not to bleach 48 hours after having electrolysis.


3 Days Prior to Treatment

When treating growth on the face it can be difficult to leave hair to grow especially if it is quite strong and dark.  Usualy the darker and stronger the hair the quicker it grows, with this in mind some hairs can be cut up to 24 hours prior to electrolysis if you know that by then the the hair will be visible enough to seen and grasped with fine point tweezers.  Finer hairs will need to be left to so there is 2-4 mm of growth.  Body hair if covered with clothing can be left for 3 - 4 days plus to grow.