Permanent Hair Removal

In todays society there is increasing media pressure making us all very much more body conscious.  With increased knowledge and technology it is also easier to achieve our desires.  The idea of never having to wax, pluck, thread, shave or bleach is very enticing. Electrolysis is the only method of complete and permanent hair removal on any part of the body, regardless of skin and hair colour and is approved by the British Medical Association.


Electrolysis has been around for over 100 years and is recognised as a safe, reliable and successful treatment.  Due to regourous industry standards, specialist professional training, the capabilities of new technology are impressive.  It is all too easy to be taken in by treatments that wrongly promote themselves as electrolysis and one neds to be aware of bad electrolysis carried out by unskilled  practioners.  Always enquire about qualifications - the best recommendation is to find a member of the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis (BIAE) as all members have been rigorously examined before being allowed to join.


Unlike some treatments such as Laser or IPL, electrolysis can be successfully carried out on any area of the body, on any skin tone and hair colour.  For many it is undesireable to have hair growth in quite normal places such as under arms, bikini and legs, face and even the hair line whilst some may find even the finest downy hair on the face, if dense in growth unacceptable.   


Many men seek advice regarding permanent hair removal and again due to modern society there is increasing pressure to be hair free. 


It is always vital to remember that by pulling out a hair from its follicle, by any method can stilulate that hair to grow stronger, especially finer growth on the face thus prolonging the successful treatment of electrolysis.



How it works:

Modern electrolysis involves inserting a very fine, disposable, sterile probe, as fine as the hair shaft, into the hair follicle.  There is no piercing of the skin and does not scar.  What can be felt is the sensation of warmth at the base of the follicle as a small current is applied through the probe to cauterize the root, then the hair is then removed easily and with out sensation from the follicle.  During the course of treatment dark hairs will grow back finer and lighter and gradually take longer to regrow until they permanently stop growing.  Finer hairs having a much smaller root and blood supply tend to respond quicker but may be a denser in growth so take a little longer to clear or thin out the effected area.  The importance of regular treatment is essential as each hair has its own growth cycle (aprox 8-10 weeks) and a hair can only be treated permanently when it is in its active stage of growth.





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